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CEDAR Trinity
Audio Surveillance

CEDAR Trinity

For more than 20 years, CEDAR Audio and its dedicated forensic division have been assisting the law enforcement and intelligence communities in areas such counter terrorism, drug enforcement, customs and border control and military intelligence, as well as air and marine accident investigation. Recently, we have seen increasing use of the company's forensic products in live surveillance, so we designed a dedicated system that offers all the tools needed for officers and agents engaged in this field.

CEDAR Trinity

There are many digital audio recorders and there are many noise reduction systems ranging from plug-ins to the unparalleled power of a CEDAR Cambridge Forensic System. But - until now - there has been nothing that combines long-term audio monitoring with powerful real-time speech enhancement, recording (with durations measured in years rather than days), event logging, and file verification that ensures that no-one has tampered with the recordings. Now there is...

CEDAR Trinity allows users simultaneously to monitor, enhance and record up to eight channels of audio. The recorder is an invisible part of the system and is always active, even when the machine is asleep or you are not logged in. What's more, to protect against lost data, it will automatically resume recording after a reboot or when you turn the computer on. You don't even need to stop recording to listen to previous events. CEDAR Trinity allows listeners to return to times of interest, to loop sections of audio while enhancing the speech, and to log or transcribe these events while it continues to record. Then, the system allows the user to 'catch up' gradually with real-time events so that nothing is missed.

CEDAR Trinity Satellite

CEDAR Trinity Satellite

f course, it would be better if many listeners could access each of the live feeds, perhaps with some people monitoring events as they happen while others inspect past events of interest. That's no problem. Multiple CEDAR Trinity Satellite systems can be connected to any CEDAR Trinity host, allowing multiple users to address each of the audio streams, whether to monitor the incoming audio and perform real-time speech enhancement, or to listen to and enhance past events for logging and transcription.

File Verification

For evidential purposes, CEDAR Trinity also offers a separate verification utility that can check the integrity of any project or archive.

Speed and simplicity

It's a hugely powerful system, but to ensure that everyone authorised can access its features, the user interface has been made as simple and intuitive as possible. Surveillance personnel and transcription experts need no detailed knowledge of recording or enhancement to monitor and extract the maximum intelligibility from any part of an audio stream or CEDAR Trinity recording.


CEDAR Trinity and CEDAR Trinity Satellite may be installed on any suitable PC, or supplied pre-installed by CEDAR Audio on rugged laptop systems.

General features

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