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Audio Ltd. - microphone wireless systems.

The English company that produces high quality microports. It offers both simple, single-channel portable sets and multi-channel systems with a stationary part of the reception.

Audio Products Company is characterized by high durability, reliability and ease of use. Company Audio in transmitters type "handheld" uses the Schoeps' microphone capsule and in microphone sets a "lavalier" of TRAM and DPA

A new feature is a set of 32-channel (16xF1, F2) with synthesis, "true diversity" type 2020 and 2040 and "Envoy" - a system set with IR remote control with direct "docking" with Sony, Ikegami and Philips cameras.

Direct access to the website:: www.audioltd.com


Dobra Street 28
00-344 Warsaw

tel: (+22) 827 48 54
tel/fax: (+22) 826 49 12
Skype: dave-audio
e-mail: dave@dave.pl

working hours:
Mo - Fri 10 - 16

In an emergency:
hot line 0-602 296 914
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