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Sonosax S.A. - Mixers for studios and films.

Swiss company, known primarily from the manufacture of portable consoles. A series of small, lightweight, precision-made ​​multichannels consoles offered by Sonosax'a is mainly used in film studios, outdoor recordings and on film.

The latest "hit" is a microphone preamplifiers for the sound operator SX-BD1.

Direct access to the website: www.sonosax.ch


Dobra Street 28
00-344 Warsaw

tel: (+22) 827 48 54
tel/fax: (+22) 826 49 12
Skype: dave-audio
e-mail: dave@dave.pl

working hours:
Mo - Fri 10 - 16

In an emergency:
hot line 0-602 296 914
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