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Equipment purchased in DAVE S.C. is covered by the warranty and post-warranty service.

Minor warranty repairs are done by Dave, and complicated by Producer in period of 12 months from the date of signing the invoice.

Removal of failure or repair:
In the period up to 48 hours after acceptance of the declaration by the Dave representative, there will be in the presence and place specified by the user evaluation to the event.
Then, together with you, a decision is made as to further action.

The term failure or repair:
- In the country for 7 days,
- If you need to send / bring the device (or its components), abroad / from abroad for 3 weeks.

The above procedure and time limits also apply to paid repairs (after warranty or guarantee in case of loss) and include delivery and installation of replacement parts.

Loss of warranty may occur if:

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tel: (+22) 827 48 54
tel/fax: (+22) 826 49 12
Skype: dave-audio
e-mail: dave@dave.pl

working hours:
Mo - Fri 10 - 16

In an emergency:
hot line 0-602 296 914
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